$10 on the 10th.

Running Family Promise takes all of us and more. Even though it exists through the goodness of many, many volunteers and the hours that they devote to this mission, Family Promise needs money throughout the year for operating expenses.

Family Promise is funded by donations from individuals/community organizations and private (non-government) grants. We are continually searching for new ways to keep an income flowing in order to continue and grow the program.  How can you help? Well, if you know of any grants or fundraising possibilites please share your ideas and successes. Contact info@fplb.org/new.

Another big  way of helping is to be part of our $10 on the 10th program. Join others who have decided to have a few dollars come out of their accounts monthly. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!!! If you could just have a small amount taken out monthly automatically and enough of others like you did the same we could easily continue and improve what we do for the homeless here in our area. Spread the word. So, instead of going out for lunch just one day a month you put that toward ensuring this program will continue. Any amount is a help in the right direction.

For more information on the $10 on the 10th program, please contact us at info@fplb.org/new or by calling 215-943-0402.