The mission of Family Promise of Lower Bucks is to mobilize collaboration within the local community in addressing the needs of homeless families with children, by providing shelter, meals and comprehensive services while helping them to lasting self-sufficiency.


Family Promise of Lower Bucks (FPLB) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that brings the local faith-based community together to assist homeless families with children regain their housing and their independence. FPLB is part of a network of more than 200 affiliates across the United States that work to reduce homelessness and transform lives.

How it works:

FPLB provides services to families through a network of faith-based and community organizations and individual volunteers. Host organizations provide overnight lodging and meals for up to 14 individuals (typically 3 to 4 families) for one week about every 3 months on a rotating schedule. The guests in the program stay at the host facility during the evening and overnight. Each morning, they are transported to a day center, where they prepare for and carry out their daily activities – caring for young children, looking for jobs or training, or going to school or work. A director skilled in social services and organization will provide the guidance and assistance they need to re-establish themselves in the community. Help offered will include counseling, getting children to school, arranging child care, transportation, budgeting, job interview skills, connections to other services such as healthcare and more.

Prior to being accepted into the program we screen for substance abuse, criminal backgrounds and mental health issues to ensure safety of all our guests and volunteers and for proper utilization of our resources.

We can make a difference:

Through Family Promise’s proven combination of compassionate volunteers and professional structure and support, nearly 80% of the families mentored by Family Promise programs nationally are enabled to return to self-sufficiency.

On an average day, more than 200 children in Bucks County have no place to call home. They live with their families in motels, shelters, temporary housing or doubled-up arrangements; some in their cars. While there are many wonderful programs in Bucks County reaching out to help families, the reality is that often times there are significant waiting lists for services. With the help of volunteers and many local  organizations and congregations of all faiths, Family Promise of Lower Bucks can offer help to some of these families in their time of desperate need.