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One year into the Pandemic

Note: This blog post was written by Lisa in March of 2021. It was never posted and found recently. At the time none of us would have expected another full year of the roller coaster ride. We pray that she is looking down from heaven and cheering us on to be resilient and remain loving through tough times. Enjoy these words from a beautiful soul.

"Here we are in March (already), marking another anniversary at FPLB. Looking through the lens of “truth is stranger than fiction,” none of us could have predicted the roller coaster ride of the past year as we, along with the rest of the community, adapted to the new normal of a global pandemic. Thankfully, what didn’t change was the dedication of our supporters to helping homeless children and their families. A scaled-back pool of volunteers kept our “Hospitality Network” rotational shelter program supported throughout 2020, so we could continue to host families while limiting exposure for families and volunteers. Folks also rallied to provide ongoing mentorship to alumni families challenged by the environment, providing groceries, additional resources, transportation, and at year’s end much-appreciated Christmas gifts for the kids. Now, through the generosity of a national grant program and local matching funds, we are on the brink of launching a new prevention program. This new “Future Begins at Home” program is geared to complement other local non-profit and government support by providing direct financial assistance to qualified families to help them avoid the trauma of homelessness altogether.

For me, two words sum up the Family Promise community: love and resilience. The appreciation shown by the families and the friendships that form via the hospitality and mentorship programs. The selflessness of volunteers. The amazing resilience of the families as they make progress to

ward independence and the adaptability of volunteers as our programs change and grow. As we celebrate this latest anniversary, a huge thank you to all those who let these attributes shine throughout the journey of starting and building FPLB, and most especially in the past year.

With respect, admiration and gratitude,

Lisa M. Kulan, FPLB Co-President"

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