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Father and Child

Pre-Qualification Form

The Future Begins at Home (FBH) program helps families avoid the trauma of homelessness by keeping them housed through providing small amounts of rental/other assistance. We can assist a family on the verge of homelessness with rental assistance or help with first month’s rent or deposit on a new lease as well certain outstanding bills. Assistance is one time in a 12-month period. To participate in this program, the client must provide all required documents (requested at a later time) to our office. Clients may also have to complete a more detailed application.
Family Promise of Lower Bucks (FPLB) will review your application and documents to determine if the application is complete. FPLB acceptance of the application does not constitute approval or guarantee participation in the program. Follow-up case management is also expected to support families as they maintain housing.


Please look over the following requirements to ensure the applicant is eligible for this program. Applicant must have:

  • Primary custody of child/ren under the age of 18

  • Verification of income

  • Copies of outstanding rent balance

  • Ability to sustain housing after assistance is given

  • Agree to engage in case management services

  • Have the capacity to contribute any portion of the amount they are requesting

  • Have a valid lease in their name

Are you a referring agent?
What type of housing are you currently in?
Do you have any income at this time (income is required to qualify)?

Thanks for submitting!

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