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As a frequent overnight volunteer, I  have to say that sleeping in a strange bed one night, so that these families have a bed at all to sleep in, is the easiest volunteer job there is!

Volunteer couple

It was humbling to see the difficulty these dear families face every day and yet exciting to be able to serve the Lord by helping them in some small way.

Mom volunteer

I am glad that we were able to help this year and bring a meal, I enjoyed meeting the families and sharing dinner with them. My daughter had such a good time playing with A*** and she tells everyone about her new friend. In getting to know each family I now feel  I have specific needs to pray for each one. It was a wonderful experience for myself and my kids. 

Parent that graduated

"I have nothing to describe how it felt. I cried on my sleeping baby, I was so happy laying there just saying over and over again, I'm really home now!"


As a host site coordinator it gives me joy to know we are helping these families, but also that our volunteers grow so much in humility and service by helping.

Family Volunteers

We were surprised at just how easy, and fun, it was for our family to help out. We feel like we gave very little and received much in return!

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