Family Promise of Lower Bucks

Building communities, strengthening lives.

Family Promise of Lower Bucks - Building communities, strengthening lives.

How You Can Help

We have a lot to be thankful for. We are helping families get out from under the financial situation that made them homeless. Thank you to our many individual volunteers and the congregations that provide space for our guests. We are making a difference to these families. Please help us continue to do this work by pledging something, anything. Nearly everyone here is a volunteer, but we still have operation costs. Every dollar you contribute helps keep this program running. Donate today and change a child’s life. Click the DONATE BUTTON on this page.

October 18: All Day Fundraiser at Miller’s Ale House

15% of sales go toward helping homeless families through Family Promise. No coupon needed.

  Tuck One In…

Troy Buonocare, manager of Miller's Ale House welcomes Rich Kelly of Family Promise

Troy Buonocare, manager of Miller’s Ale House
welcomes Rich Kelly of Family Promise.

Throughout Lower Bucks there are children who are homeless or moving  from place to place so they don’t have a their own own bed. Help us “tuck one in” to a regular bed with the goal of a real sustainable place to live and sleep, a place that be called home. That is what we are all about. Over the next 2 months we hope to focus awareness on this through the events listed on the right. Please come out and enjoy. The biggest one is at Miller’s Ale House. Plan to eat there sometime during the day or night. It is an easy and fun way to give to a great cause.
Check out Miller’s Ale House website for information about the restaurant and directions.

The power of prayer cannot be explained… but it can be experienced!

Please pray daily for Family Promise for the month of February.

Best news ever… the Day Center is going to be in Tullytown, Pa. The new Director has been hired.  Thank you in advance for your help and prayers.

There are different areas to focus on each day to give much needed support for Family Promise leadership, support congregations, fundraisers, etc.

Keep those prayers coming, they’re working! Sign up below.

February Prayer Calendar

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