Family Promise of Lower Bucks

Building communities, strengthening lives.

Family Promise of Lower Bucks - Building communities, strengthening lives.

10 on the 10th.


Running Family Promise takes all of us and more. Even though it exists through the goodness of many, many volunteers and the hours that they devote to this mission, Family Promise needs money throughout the year for operating expenses. Family Promise is funded by donations from individuals/community organizations and private (non-government) grants. We only have 1 full time employee and a 1 part time van driver. We have a van, a day center and the costs involved in maintaining them. We are continually searching for new ways to keep an income flowing in order to continue and grow the program.  How can you help? Well, if you know of any grants or fundraising possibilites please share your ideas and successes. Contact

Another big  way of helping is to be part of our 10 on the 10th program. Join others who have decided to have a few dollars come out of their accounts monthly. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!!! If you could just have a small amount taken out monthly automatically and enough of others like you did the same we could easily continue and improve what we do for the homeless here in our area. Spread the word. So, instead of going out for lunch just one day a month you put that toward ensuring this program will continue. Any amount is a help in the right direction.

Miller’s Ale House Donatation Benefits Homeless Families

Miller’s Ale House of Langhorne donated $1,642 from their very successful Family Promise fund-raiser held in October. We helped them to celebrate their 28th year anniversary that night. Many neighbors from the region came out to celebrate with us. People connected to our congregations as well as some first timers.  Family Promise interns, >Breanna and Rebekah,  received a check from Heather Richiez, Restaurant manager at Miller’s Ale House of Langhorne


Hurray We Have Our First Graduating Families

December 1, 2016 was a monumental day. Both of our families were able to secure permanent affordable housing and move in. For all of you who volunteered in the program it was an amazing time when our prayers and efforts came to happy result. It is important for you to know that what happened. We took families in, gave them food, a place to stay, a place where children can go to school regularly, and guidance on how to get back into the game of life. We went in deep and succeeded and so did our guests. Thanks to your support!


How You Can Help

We have a lot to be thankful for. We are helping families get out from under the financial situation that made them homeless. Thank you to our many individual volunteers and the congregations that provide space for our guests. We are making a difference to these families. Please help us continue to do this work by pledging something, anything. Nearly everyone here is a volunteer, but we still have operation costs. Every dollar you contribute helps keep this program running. Donate today and change a child’s life. Click the DONATE BUTTON on this page.

October 18: All Day Fundraiser at Miller’s Ale House

15% of sales go toward helping homeless families through Family Promise. No coupon needed.

  Tuck One In…

Troy Buonocare, manager of Miller's Ale House welcomes Rich Kelly of Family Promise

Troy Buonocare, manager of Miller’s Ale House
welcomes Rich Kelly of Family Promise.

Throughout Lower Bucks there are children who are homeless or moving  from place to place so they don’t have a their own own bed. Help us “tuck one in” to a regular bed with the goal of a real sustainable place to live and sleep, a place that be called home. That is what we are all about. Over the next 2 months we hope to focus awareness on this through the events listed on the right. Please come out and enjoy. The biggest one is at Miller’s Ale House. Plan to eat there sometime during the day or night. It is an easy and fun way to give to a great cause.
Check out Miller’s Ale House website for information about the restaurant and directions.